How It Works

A new member joins the system by contacting GuildSafe at

A member of the GuildSafe team will contact you to set up your login password details. They will also explain the WHS program and answer any questions.

Every week for the next 14 weeks members are sent a Member Alert (email) with instructions to undertake a WHS task and record these results by logging in to the GuildSafe system.

When a task is recorded, the GuildSafe system recognises when a follow-up is required and reminds the user at the correct time by sending them an email notification.

The GuildSafe system allows members to have multiple locations and multiple accounts.  An 'administrator' can view and track progress of each sub-site/location by viewing that individual user's 'My WHS History' page.

GuildSafe ensures users always know when a task is due, sets up and assists with maintaining and improving WHS for all users, and is completely automated.

GuildSafe WHS tools

The following tools can be accessed and filled in online by the user to manage their WHS obligations:

  •  Contractor management tool
  •  First aid register
  •  Workplace inspection tool
  • Staff induction tool
  • WHS training record and plans
  • Hazardous substances register
  • Risk assessment/hazard report/task
  • Incident and injury report
  • WHS consultation tool
  • WHS documentation and records
  • Self audit tool

Tasks & Hazards Dashboard

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