If you can't find the answer to the WHS question you have, please send us an email: info@guildsafe.com.au

Answers to some technical WHS issues can also be found by contacting:

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Q. How does GuildSafe work?

A new member joins the system by contacting GuildSafe at info@guildsafe.com.au

A member of the GuildSafe team will contact you to set up your login password details. They will also explain the WHS program and answer any questions.

Every week for the next 14 weeks members are sent a Member Alert (email) with instructions to undertake a WHS task and record these results by logging in to the GuildSafe system.

When a task is recorded, the GuildSafe system recognises when a follow-up is required and reminds the user at the correct time by sending them an email notification.

The GuildSafe system allows members to have multiple locations and multiple accounts. An 'administrator' can view and track progress of each sub-site/location by viewing that individual user's 'My WHS History' page.

GuildSafe ensures users always know when a task is due, sets up and assists with maintaining and improving WHS for all users, and is completely automated.

GuildSafe WHS tools

The following tools can be accessed and filled in online by the user to manage their WHS obligations:

  • Contractor management tool
  • First aid register
  • Workplace inspection tool
  • Staff induction tool
  • WHS training record and plans
  • Hazardous substances register
  • Risk assessment/hazard report/task
  • Incident and injury report
  • WHS consultation tool
  • WHS documentation and records
  • Self audit tool
Q. What do I get with the GuildSafe system?
The online system is easy to use - staff and management can login online and complete tasks at any time and in response to system generated task reminders.

Documents provided with the system include:

  • WHS Generic Policy and Procedures tailored for the pharmacy industry that can be adapted for your workplace;
  • Pre-programmed email task reminders tell you what to do, how to do it and when to action events by use of our easy to use dynamic online forms;
  • Simple and dynamic online forms - simply fill in online and click the 'save' icon;
  • All your workplace's WHS tasks and documents available at the click of a mouse; and Support
Q. Does this System guarantee compliance with WHS legislation?

No. The system will not work by itself because there is some work required on your part too.

The generic material provided will assist you to work towards compliance once you have undertaken all the tasks outlined in the program.

What we DO NOT guarantee:

  •  Your workplace will be 100% protected from risks arising from work;
  • Your workplace will be in a position to prove due diligence as a defence to WHS prosecution.

What we DO guarantee:

  • We will provide your workplace with the tools to effectively manage WHS; and
  • GuildSafe has been designed to Australian Standard 4801.

If you have WHS specific questions, please contact info@guildsafe.com.au

Q. How do I upload documents to the GuildSafe System?

Any WHS related electronic documents that exist on your computer can be uploaded onto GuildSafe. For example, WHS policy and procedures, WHS Committee Meeting minutes/agendas, notices, correspondence, training records and electronic invoices.

What are the steps I take?

  1. Log into the GuildSafe system.
  2. Go to My Member Area.
  3. Click on "My WHS Documents".
  4. Click on "Add record".
  5. Don't forget to Save.

What are the benefits of doing this?

It means you have all your WHS records and documents in the same place and you can access them at the click of a mouse.

What if I get stuck?

Email us at:info@guildsafe.com.aufor advice.

Q. How do we improve WHS - the Risk Rating System

A strong commitment and implementation of WHS in the workplace is very important.

You will note that you have a 'My WHS history' page in your Member Area of the GuildSafe system.

This page gives you a unique Risk Rating score which shows how well your workplace has committed to and implemented WHS.

The higher the Risk Rating score the better you are performing and being active in work health and safety.

Basic improvement in WHS will be brought about by committing to following the implementation program and instructions contained within each weekly email. The emails will contain the information you need to undertake and complete vital WHS tasks to build and improve on your WHS management system over time.

Q. How can I perform risk assessments with GuildSafe?

If you have noticed a hazard recently, you can simply go theRisk Assessmentstool and complete an individual task for this matter.

This tool is a simple Risk Assessment, with a built-in reminder function, allowing you to choose when you need to complete a review at a later date.

How to do this:

  1. Click on Risk Assessments.
  2. Enter the Brief Issue Summary in the relevant field, then a more detailed description in the comments field below.
  3. The next few fields represent the risk matrix in the form of drop-down menus (click on the "i" icon next to the options for a description of the matrix).
  4. Fill in the date that this task needs to be actioned.
  5. On this date, you will receive an email asking you to complete that task.
  6. Don't forget to Save.
The next page will appear and you will have the option of completing the task now. If you are able to complete the task immediately, please do so, and enter the details of how you controlled the risk and the date the task was completed. Otherwise, hit Save again, and you will be directed back to your Tasks Section.

You are finished for the time being, but when you receive the email to complete the task, please follow the instructions in order to control the risk.

Q. What are our terms of use?
A. Our terms of use, privacy and disclaimer policies can be viewed in the footer of each page in this website.