Welcome to GuildSafe

For more than 30 years, Guild Insurance has provided Workers' Compensation insurance for NSW pharmacies.  Our boutique approach to Workers' Compensation insurance allows our team to work closely with you to ensure your legal requirements are fulfilled. 

GuildSafe is a benefit provided exclusively to Guild's Workers' Compensation policy holders.  It provides free access to an online work health and safety (WHS) system, assisting pharmacies in the compulsory task of actively managing WHS in the workplace.

GuildSafe is tailored for the pharmacy industry and has been adapted to create a site-specific WHS Management system in accordance with NSW legislation.

The adaptation program is timetabled for 14 weeks.  After that, email reminders will prompt you to maintain your health and safety systems through specific tasks.

GuildSafe provides an opportunity for all pharmacies in NSW to lead the way in managing WHS compliance requirements and minimising workplace illness and injury.